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2020 / JULY


Recipe Combo: Dorohedoro x Jiaozi (Liaw) x Keto --> Modified Keto Gyoza Burgers

Had a hankering for gyoza and have been contemplating methods for making a keto equivalent. Then upon re-watching Dorohedoro the solution became blatantly obvious: a Gyoza Burger.

Naturally, this ticked a lot of boxes.

The gyoza mixture is based off of Adam Liaw's (Easy Asian Home Cooking) Jiaozi 'Basic Dumplings from Scratch' recipe, combined with the idea of adding shiitake mushrooms, and lotus root to provide texture (in some respects like an inverse gyoza) from Dorohedoro. This combination was further adapted into a keto friendly dish, in the form of a burger patty (rather than the consistency of dumpling meat.) Additional further modifications were made using an oven as opposed to frying, and substituting red wine for Chinese cooking wine, red wine vinegar for rice wine vinegar, and black pepper for white pepper.

In the process of this, furthering philosophy and reasoning in understanding of the components and functions of the elements used in the makings of particular dishes. The journey continues.

Thanks to Dorohedero for totally awesome sci-fi punk entertainment (in addition to the idea,) and thanks to Adam Liaw for a rock solid and an informative recipe as well as the philosophy behind it.


- This recipe uses black pepper, red wine and red wine vinegar, however traditionally white pepper, Chinese cooking wine, and rice wine vinegar would and can be used.

- In regards to sweetener, this recipe used a blend of sucralose/erythritol (due to availability), adjust as necessary with sweetener of choice.

- Soy Sauces come in different flavours, therefore sweetener and salt content will require adjustment to taste.

- All salt is different, adjust as required.

- Because this is a burger, the meat doesn't need to be mixed to the point of dumpling consistency.

- This recipe uses an oven, however frying is also an option. Using medium-high hight heat, fry for 2 minutes a side. Take note, that pans and hobs (as well as ovens) are different, and some adjustments will be required, in addition to variables depending on the thickness of the meat and lotus root.


Makes 6 burgers.

- 500g Ground Meat (pork ideally, 25% fat.)
- 3 Cloves of Garlic.
- 4 Shiitake Mushrooms.
- 6 Lotus Root (Thinly Sliced 0.5cm.)
- 10g Spring Onions.
- Daikon Radish.
- 2g Ginger.
- Half a Cabbage.
- 1g Salt.
- 2g Pepper.
- 0.5g Sweetener.
- 10g Red Wine.
- 35g Japanese Soy Sauce.
- 10g Red Wine Vinegar.
- 2.5 g Japanese Chili Oil Sauce.
- 6 Oba Leaves.
- Olive Oil.


1. Boil half a cabbage for 10 minutes.

2. Slice the lotus root thinly, aiming for a thickness of 0.5 cm.

3. Finely chop: 3 cloves of garlic, 4 shiitake mushrooms, 10g spring onions, 2g ginger, and the boiled cabbage, and add it to a mixing bowl.

4. Add the ground meat to the mixing bowl.

5. Add 1g salt, 2g pepper, 0.5g sweetener and 10g red wine.

6. Stir the mix in one direction, either using a spoon or your hand in a claw like shape, the latter is preferable as you can feel the required burger consistency and cohesion as the materials bind together.

7. Pre-Heat Oven 250°C (with fan.)

8. Shape the mix around the lotus root, applying gentle pressure, without packing or pressing too tight.

9. Lightly oil a cooking tray or foil with olive oil, add the patties with enough spacing between them, and lightly drizzle olive oil over them.

10. Place it in the oven on the middle rung for 20 minutes at 250°C.

11. Remove it from the oven, flip the patties, and return it for another 20 minutes.

12. Finely grate the daikon radish.

13. In a bowl pour in 35g Japanese soy sauce, 10g red wine vinegar, and 2.5 g Japanese chili oil sauce.

14. Remove the burgers from the oven, and allow them to rest for 5 minutes.

15. Plate the dish, with the burger over or under the oba leaf, in addition to a portion of daikon in relation to the size of the burger and the serving of gyoza sauce. The daikon will hold the sauce poured onto it, therefore adjust to desired taste.

16. Repeat for the remaining burgers, serve and enjoy.